Cheese & Sake Workshop

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Cheese & Sake Workshop


Date: Tuesday, June 19 2018
Time: 7.00 - 9.30 pm
Venue: La Fromagerie MARYLEBONE

Discover the world of Namazake (Raw Sake) & Artisan Hand Made Cheese

La Fromagerie first discovered the beauty of Sake paired with cheese back in 2012 when they presented their first tasting event. It was a bold experiment, but our first tentative steps have led to more events. This workshop explores the world of Namazake, Raw Sake. It is, like unpasteurised cheese, a more interesting and complex drink with beautifully vivid flavours and lively refreshing characteristics. We are delighted to welcome Asami Tasaka, from World Sake Import to lead us through the five chosen Sake, and our colleague Kiko Ito together with Patricia and the Cheese Room team will talk through the cheese selection they have devised ranging from soft to hard to strong that will be perfect accompaniments. This is a truly memorable tasting experience, and one that will surely open up discussion throughout the event. It is one of our favourite workshops as it shows two very different worlds joining together in harmony.

About Asami Tasaka, Managing Director at World Sake Imports (WSI) UK. WSI is a boutique sake importer that supplies sake to over 100 high-end restaurants throughout the UK including Fat Duck, Zuma and Hakasan. Asami's career in sake started in 2002 at WSI New York as a sake specialist. She has visited many sake brewers across Japan, and learned the traditional culture of sake. Asami played a key role in the growth of sake sales in NYC for WSI and helped to foster the Sake boom in New York City. She moved to London and opened the UK market from 2008. She has been judging IWC Sake Competition since 2010, currently judging as the position of panel chairman. Asami has had hands-on Sake Brewing experience at the Masumi Brewery (Suwa, Japan).

Please note attendees must be at least 18 years old.

*On the evening of the event, please bring a digital or paper copy of your confirmation email as proof of purchase.

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