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TOMME DE Brebis Barétous




The Pyrénées is one of the few regions in France where you can still find farming communities making the Ossau style cheeses but under their own banner – and that means they are not stamped as an AOC Ossau cheese. These cheesemakers rule their own world of cheesemaking taking advantage of the rolling hills and valleys to graze their herds and cattle.  Every so often someone contacts us and mentions they have a cheese we may like to try.  Ever curious we will always want to taste because it’s still an adventure when it comes to finding new producers.

When an email came into our box a story unfolded that was reminiscent of a Pagnol novel. 

… “I write to you from the Pyrénées in France. This afternoon I can hear an enormous storm sweeping through the valley, and needless to say the rain clattering down on the windows drew my mind to London. I write to you to tell you our story and introduce to you our product, our cheese.”…

Who cannot but be intrigued? And it was indeed a love story of a young girl from Colchester in Essex going to do summer farming work in the Pyrénées, falling in love with the farmer’s son and making a new life for herself. 

We met and tasted the cheese round the table at our Marylebone shop and there and then made an order. With only 300 ewes we know that the number of cheeses we’ll be able to get is limited, but that is all part of the aesthetic at La Fromagerie; to be able to showcase the taste and style of a cheese from a particular place. The valley of Barétous has a dramatic backdrop of rugged mountains, and this little pocket of the Pyrénées with its centuries old farming practices and livelihood and even local dialect are all qualities that magically get encapsulated in the cheese. We know you will enjoy every bite and if you need help choosing a wine we can guide you to a lovely rich textural white to partner.