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When people think of cheese-making countries the United States rarely springs to mind... Given our close proximity to European & British cheeses, we could equally have overlooked our neighbours further afield. However, the quality of cheesemaking in the States has grown to such heights that it would be remiss of us not to stock some of these New World cheeses.

So, in advance of Thursday, we would like to highlight a few American cheeses that we are thankful to have in our cheeseroom.

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HARBISON I Jasper Hill Farm, Vermont, Cow's Milk
A rare bark-wrapped bloomy-rind cheese with woody, sweet and herbal flavours. The spruce bark, cut from Jasper Hill Farm's woodlands, holds together the delicate cheese and provides lovely notes to the creamy pate.

PLEASANT RIDGE RESERVE I Upland's Dairy, Wisconson, Cow's Milk
The herd only graze on fresh summer pastures, creating a taste profile that is heavily influenced by the lush, vibrant grasses on the farm. Nutty, butterscotch sweet overtone, with subtle hits of grassy citrus and pineapple. 

OMA I Jasper Hill Cellar's, Vermont, Cow's Milk
Produced by von Trapp Farmstead in Waitsfield, then delivered to Jasper Hill maturing cellars unripened.  Oma balances pungent and sweet flavours with aromas of roasted nuts & a meaty slightly buttery crème fraiche fruitiness.  

ROGUE RIVER BLUE I Central Point, Oregon, Cow's Milk
Strong, vibrant, complex flavours abound in this richly dense and creamy cheese. Wrapped in Rogue Valley grape leaves that have been macerated in ClearCreek Pear Brandy, your senses are certainly blasted with a huge range of flavours.

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MOSES SLEEPER I Mateo Kehler, Jasper Hill Farm, Vermont, Cow's Milk
The flavour is buttery, bright and savoury when young. With longer-aged cheeses becoming creamier & taking on the aroma and flavour of brassica vegetables. 

LANDAFF I Doug & Deb Erb, Jasper Hill Farm, Vermont, Cow's Milk
Subtle aromas of the maturing room and fresh grass. Its balanced complexity harmonises a bright buttermilk tang and a finish of savoury brown butter. 

SMOKEY BLUE I Rogue Creamery, Oregon, Cow's Milk
Cold-smoked for 16 hours over hazelnut shells, the result is a robust and nutty blue, with deeply savoury curds offsetting the natural sharpness coming through in the blue veining.

THE BLUE JAY I Deer Creek, Wisconsin, Cow's Milk
A rich texture with strong buttery notes.  Crushed juniper berries infuse the cheese giving the blue a unique botanical essence.  Bold, fruity and bosky.



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