Antonio Carluccio's Pasta

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Antonio Carluccio's Pasta.jpg
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Antonio Carluccio's Pasta



'The essential new collection from the master of Italian cookery'

Hardcover. 224 Pages. Signed by the author.

For an amazing seven decades, Antonio Carluccio has been loving, cooking and eating pasta. This magnificent new book combines his inimitable knowledge with his enthusiasm for creating new recipes.
Antonio begins by guiding the reader through the different types of pasta and goes on to discuss how to match the correct sauce to the right pasta. He also provides step-by-step instructions should you choose to make your own fresh pasta.
His innovative and irresistible recipes include variations on much-loved classics as well as delicious regional specialities. Covering soups, main courses, salads and even desserts, they vary from the traditional Tagliatelle Fresche con Ragù alla Bolognese to truly modern Sedani con Vodka e Salmone Affumicato.

Photography by Laura Edwards.

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