4 March 2016
homemade UNWashed Cultured butter

After several weeks of experimentation we're pleased to introduce La Fromagerie's Homemade Cultured Butter, in both Maldon-salted & unsalted varieties. Made by Max, one of our cheesemongers, the result is a bright, delicate & clean butter, perfect for the coming spring. In early batches we washed the butter, kneading it in ice water to remove any residual buttermilk, but found it perhaps a bit too gamey, more in keeping with an autumnal or wintry palate. So we streamlined the process, finishing with a simple strain through muslin; traces of buttermilk remain in the finished butter, lending a slight acidity that we think tastes especially nice on toasted sourdough.

All strained buttermilk goes straight down into our kitchen for our pastry chef to prepare scones, leaving nothing to waste. Come by the Marylebone W1 shop this weekend and pick up a scone with a disc of butter to taste our d'Isigny crème fraîche two ways!