22 March 2016
Introducing... Drunkworth

After months of refining our recipe it is a pleasure to announce the arrival of Drunkworth!

Based on Phillip Olivier's classic Camembert au Calvados – a camembert, de-rinded and then rolled in calvados-soaked breadcrumbs – we've reinterpreted it with exclusively English ingredients.

We start with a base of Tunworth, Stacey Hedges' delicious Camembert-style cheese, from which we carefully remove the rind and soak for twenty-four hours in a bath of Somerset Cider Brandy. We then coat the cheese in a crumb of La Fromagerie's own label Oat Biscuit and mature them for a further week in our N5 maturing rooms.

The result is decadent and irresistible; the sharp fruity acidity of the brandy cuts the natural vegetal notes and richness of the Tunworth creating a wonderfully balanced modern British classic.

Due to the time-intensive nature of preparing Drunkworth, it will presently be available by three-day pre-order only, however in the coming months it will likely begin to appear in the cheese room alongside another weekend exclusive, Brie aux Truffes.