1 April 2016
Le Vins qui rire

In recent years the French wine industry has had a big dilemma given to them to solve. They were told by the Government that more and more French people were becoming allergic to cheese. Many were very sad they couldn’t enjoy their highly aromatic cheeses such as Brie, Epoisses and Roquefort, and felt their glass of wine with their meal was not complete without the cheeseboard.

So the very enterprising Pierre Gout—a well known Bordeaux oenophile—decided to create wines with aromas and taste-effects matching those of cheese. We have managed to get in a case of each wine to test on our customers to see their reaction. Hopefully we will be able to include the wines on our list by the summer.

The white wine has on first sip the sharp flinty flavours of a goat cheese from the Loire, then a smoothness to complement a lighter-style Comté and finally a warm edgy finish for the creamier blues. It is uncanny because even the aroma of the wine has the essence of bloomy rinded cheeses.

The red wine is much more intense with the arresting arrogance of a washed Epoisses, and then that nutty earthiness of an aged cheddar finishing with the burst of steely minerality of a Roquefort blue cheese. The aroma of the wine takes you into the realms of musty aged cheeses and ripening cellars, giving a mouthwatering appeal which has stunned many people, and delighted those who cannot actually enjoy the cheeses. In the glass there are all the flavours and perfumes of your favourite cheese to savour alongside those actually eating the cheese course.

M. Gout tells us he is just about to showcase the rosé he has developed and we simply can’t wait to try.