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meet the maker: 20 APRIL
jonny crickmore from fen farm dairy

A group of our cheesemongers recently had the opportunity to visit Fen Farm Dairy in Bungay, and to meet Jonny Crickmore. We’re delighted to announce that Jonny will be visiting our Marylebone shop on Saturday 20 April to sample his fantastic Baron Bigod and Bungay Butter. Come along to meet Jonny and try his products, and read below to learn a bit more.

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Fen Farm’s Bungay Raw Butter is the UK’s only raw farmhouse butter produced by using a lactic culture. It is made by hand on the farm in the traditional way, by souring the cream using a cocktail of lactic bacteria, before churning and hand-paddling with traditional scotch ‘butter hands’ made from woodIt is the closest thing to the original Suffolk butter that at one point gained international renown for the area 300 years ago. Jonny and his team are reviving quality butter making in Suffolk, using the milk from their grass-fed Montbeliarde cows. Though their yield is lower, the milk they produce is rich and high in protein, producing beautifully creamy and complex flavours.

A true farmhouse butter.



Jonny Crickmore has come into the world of cheesemaking with the desire to make his family dairy farm more diverse. He has invested in a herd of alpine Montbeliarde cows from France, created pastures that have the right grazing conditions, and dedicated himself and his cheesemaking unit towards making what is, in our opinion, a very fine Brie. It takes the skill of an affineur to bring everything together – for the rind to have the right blooms, for the pate to be rich and not over-runny or -chalky, and for a symbiosis of flavours to balance on the palate; in this, we feel Crickmore has succeeded handily.

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