This is a combination of Arabica coffee from San Luis in Salvador and Robusta coffee from Raigode in India. Soft and full-bodied, with low acidity and long-lasting taste. The aroma is complex and characterised by notes of cocoa, spices and malt. This is LA FROMAGERIE's house coffee, perfect for making great breakfast cups, but also ideal after meals and preparing mochas and espressos. Strong, long-lasting flavours. Round and rich body. Low acidity.


This is a single-variety coffee from the Lagoa plantation in the Sul de Minas region of Brazil. It is an Arabic coffee, of the bourbon variety. The beans are harvested, pulped and then dried for three days without washing and without removing the mucilage or parchment skins. Balanced, rich and typically smooth. The director of the plantation, Silvio Leite, is a national Tasting Officer of the best selections to auction each year in Brazil. Sweet aroma and taste, with an amazing persistence of flavour. The aftertaste has a strong cocoa note.


This is a blend of Sidamo from Ethiopia. The coffee beans are harvested, pulped and then dried for three days. The mucilage and parchments skins are left on the beans. This coffee has a fresh and fruity aroma, with a sweet, deep and slightly acidic taste. Perfect for enjoying with cakes and pastries. Stands out thanks to its powerful and unmistakable aroma, where one can taste the intense floral and citrus notes. Sweet and determined with medium acidity.


This coffee, with a sweet, slightly acidic taste and a delicate body, combines the special aromas of two types of Arabica coffee: El Hato Blue from Guatemala (with fresh, flowery perfumes and a balanced acidity) and the Yrgalem selection of Sidamo from Ethiopia (intensely citric). The El Hato Blue estate belongs to the Rush family and is located in the area of Fraijanes. The coffee cultivated on this estate has been classified as SHB (strictly hard bean), which is the most selective classification in Guatemala. Perfectly balanced between aromatic intensity and limited acidity.


This Finca is situated in the Chanchamayo Province in the Peruvian basin of the Amazon River, and produced organic coffee belonging to the Fair Trade Organisation. The estate is CSC-certified, and the harvest is done exclusively by hand. Remarkable aroma, with a sweet character a surprisingly round body, delicate acidity. One can perceive notes of honey and almonds, opening up with a perceptible cocoa aftertaste.


This coffee was originally brought from Sidamo, and is now produced in Oromia, Bale Mountains, Dello Mena district of Ethiopia. Reproduced spontaneously by seed, the cultivation uses neither fertilisers nor pesticides. The only intervention on the plants is limited to pruning the upper branches of the hedging trees to increase exposure to sun, facilitating the ripening of more berries. Fruity, with notes of walnut. Round, velvety body, with a milky, honeyed taste as espresso.