La Fromagerie &
The Sacred Microdistillery

Thursday 17 November 2016
Highbury N5
7.30pm - 9.30pm
£40 per person

Join us for an evening of Cocktails & Cheese with the Sacred Spirits Company! Started in 2008 and based in a residential home in Highgate, founders Ian Hart and Hilary Whitney will share their unique story with us. After a couple of 'tasting meetings' we have come up with some fascinating pairings of cheese & charcuterie, and we're very excited to share our selections with you. Pairing spirits and cheese remains relatively unexplored territory, and we couldn't be more pleased than to have started our journey with Sacred.




Negroni & Charcuterie on Arrival

Cardamom G & T with Grapefruit Garnish
paired with St Tola Ash

Rosehip Cup & Prosecco
paired with Chaource

Martini – Classic Gin & Dry Vermouth
paired with Fleur de Maquis

Amber Vermouth
paired with Mahon Tierno

Spiced Vermouth
paired with Stichelton

To book tickets please call Highbury N5 at 020 7359 7440 or email