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The Festive Season has begun & our shops are brimming with Festive Fare!
Order ahead to skip the queue, or join us in store for the jovial festive atmosphere (please note our holiday hours).
Our cheesemongers have put together a selection of Cheese Boards for that all-important cheese course, and we also have a lovely offering of gifts for your friends, family & colleagues, from Champagne paired with cheese, to the ultimate Luxury Gift Box - when there's too much to choose we have our LA FROMAGERIE Vouchers.

Read more below for Patricia’s Christmas Inspiration, including her favourite cheeses for Christmas.




  Beaufort Chalet d’Alpage

Beaufort Chalet d’Alpage

Each year is different in the Michelson household! A marriage lasting 45 years will obviously have seen many changes as children grow up, get married, become parents themselves, and then their children start to grow up. For the past 28 years since the beginning of La Fromagerie the cheese course has always included my signature cheese from the Savoie, Beaufort Chalet d’Alpage, and that’s where the fun begins. Our London shops in Highbury, Bloomsbury and the flagship in Marylebone have selections from all over Europe, and even artisan ‘farmstead’ cheese from the United States; so if you are visiting us instead of choosing from our online boxes, you can mix and match from mild to hard to blue to pungent and our cheesemongers are there to help you put together the perfect selection.


A visit to our shops will be a delight as we bring in special items just for Christmas. We have made our Christmas Puddings all wrapped in muslin ready to be steamed. Our jams, chutneys and marmalades have been bubbling away on the stove and we have plenty of stock. There’s nothing like home made conserves for breakfast! Dates, Malaga Raisins, Cured Fig Balls from Calabria and Quince & Damson fruit paste have their place on the cheeseboard too together with Walnuts, Toasted Hazelnuts & Almonds; not forgetting our La Fromagerie biscuits for cheese or the Lingonberry Spelt ‘Moose’ Biscuits from Sweden. I don’t forget sweets too as we have cultivated amazing working friendships will producers of Panettone, Chocolates and Candied Fruit & Marron Glace. Keep a look-out on our Instagram page as we take photos of the goodies as they arrive. Our shops are sparkling with decorations and produce!  

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patricia's cheeseboard



So back to the cheese board - here is what I will be serving this year. Beaufort Chalet d’Alpage simply because it is a perfect mellow and floral French Gruyere cheese for all tastes. St Felicien - so easy to carry home in its earthenware pot and the creamy rich texture is perfect with dried fruit. My grandsons love cheese, bless them, and their favourites are Comte d’Estive a sweetly savoury hard cheese with an almost butterscotch taste they call ‘the chocolate cheese’, and from Treviso, Asiago Pressato, with its milky sweetness and soft chewy texture that is reminiscent of young cobnuts.

A goat milk cheese is always a must and I’ll be serving Golden Cross from Sussex, if there’s any left in the shops because everyone seems to love this mild, fudgy textured log. Napoleon is a smooth textured hard cheese made with ewe’s milk from the Pyrenees that is a perfect foil for the blue that follows which will be a toss-up between Regalis also a ewe’s milk from the Pyrenees or our new cow’s milk blue from the Haute-Alpes Bleu de Queyras.

  Corra Linn

Corra Linn

And if you’re wondering where the British cheeses are – they come out too – but I like to serve the Stilton with Port in the early evening;  and cheddar is also served on its own with a spicy chutney – usually in chunky sandwiches on Boxing Day!  There are many new young cheesemakers in the UK now – and on my present list when I’m visiting friends and family will be a Rollright cheese, or a chunk of Selina Errington’s wonderful  ewe’s milk Corra Linn – if you haven’t tried it please do as it is a Scottish cheese with hints of a Sardinian Pecorino and Pyrenees Ossau – absolutely delicious!  Of course I’ll also have Vacherin du Haut Doubs ready to go into the oven to be baked for an impromptu fondue – and it also makes a wonderful gift too, especially when packaged up with a bottle of Savoie Chignin wine. And don’t forget our wine shelves are laden with some great bottles –  chosen for their affinity with cheese. I do hope you’ll be able to visit us but if not then our gift selections and cheese boxes are all carefully curated to give you a taste of what La Fromagerie is all about. On Christmas Day it is now customary in the Michelson household to lift our glasses and say ‘cheers’ to everyone enjoying their festive cheeseboard – we may not know you all personally but if you’ve got our cheese on the table then you’re one of the family!


holiday orders

We are now taking orders for Christmas & New Year. To order online, please review our order and delivery dates below. For bespoke orders, please contact your nearest shop. Please note that each shop can only accept a limited number of orders, so order in advance to avoid disappointment. All orders will require an accompanying credit card number, which can be given over the phone or in person. Deliveries can be arranged on request but these must be pre-booked when you place your order.

online orders

The LAST DAY to place online orders for deliveries to arrive before Christmas is Sunday 16 December. When placing your advance order, please specify any preferred delivery date if applicable, though please note that for Standard Shipping we cannot guarantee specific delivery dates. We are aiming to deliver all Christmas orders by Thursday 20 December - if you would like to receive your order after the 20th, then please arrange to collect in store (you can choose this option at checkout for no charge). We ship our online orders with DPD who will send you an hour-timeslot and delivery updates via text message and/or email.

New Year orders must be placed by Wednesday 26 December for delivery on Friday 28 December. Our warehouse will reopen on 2 January so all orders placed after 26 December will be shipped on Wednesday 2 January to arrive on Thursday 3 January.

Any orders placed for delivery after these cutoff dates will be notified & alternate shipping days will be arranged. For any questions regarding your online order, please email

  The Christmas Board (Available to Pre-Order Now)

The Christmas Board (Available to Pre-Order Now)



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festive cheese boards


We’ve put together our seasonal signature cheeses in our Christmas Cheese Board - from the handmade Camembert aux Truffes – so aromatic and irresistible – to La Fromagerie's raison d'etre Beaufort Chalet d'Alpage – looking exceptional at eighteen months maturity – to Franche-Comte's Vacherin du Haut-Doubs – with its delicate taste of spruce – and finally the perfection that is Colston Bassett Stilton.
It truly is a must-have for Christmas. Delicious!



For when it is impossible to choose ...

Available in £10 & £25 denominations, Gift Vouchers can be redeemed at our tasting events, at any of our three shops or in our tasting cafes.

Order online by 16 December or purchase in any of our shops.

As a special treat this season, we’re giving you an additional £10 voucher whenever you buy £100 in vouchers - just use code 10FORME at checkout and let us know in the Additional Comments field if you would like the £10 voucher shipped to a separate address.



festive gift boxes

We have put together a selection of regional cheese & wine pairings at a variety of different price points, with the aim of showcasing some of our favourite food & drink this Winter season. Packaged in one of our elegant gift boxes, along with tasting notes. 

The full range is available here.