Fabrizio Ressia took over his grandfather's estate in 1997 and immediately started to update and develop new practices. Weather patterns can dramatically alter the flavours of this grape style, and this young winemaker has structured his wines around a more thoughtful process, taking into account old traditions with modern methods, producing exceptional wines. The grapes are collected into baskets which have ventilation holes to assist the withering of the fruit, which are left in a cool room for a few days. Soft-pressing follows. It is then left to rest before fermenting in steel at 30 - 32°C before transferring to small barriques for eighteen months before bottling. The colour is pomegranate red with dark orange/brick edges. There is a hot spice to the aromas, with dark fruits and plums, some earthy truffle and mossy green reflections. On the palate a full, ripe dry fruit pervades, with long clean sour cherry and chewy tannins. A very grown up, rather masculine taste, ideal for roasted meats and wild mushrooms, as well as brittle strong cheeses.