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25 days of cheese

As we count down the days until Christmas, we’re celebrating each day with highlighting one of our favourite products, and also giving an offer or sharing a story or a recipe. Check back each day to see what is new on our list - each offer is only valid for 24 hours, so don’t miss out!

Day 7: Save £15 on the Large Dinner Party Board

Day 7: Save £15 on the Large Dinner Party Board

Day 1: Camembert aux Truffes

Day 1: Camembert aux Truffes

Day 8: Parmigiano Reggiano

Day 8: Parmigiano Reggiano

Day 10: Free Shipping on Online Orders!

Day 10: Free Shipping on Online Orders!

Day 4: Beaufort Chalet d’Alpage

Day 4: Beaufort Chalet d’Alpage

Day 3: Fig Ball

Day 3: Fig Ball

Day 5: Brie aux Truffes

Day 5: Brie aux Truffes

Day 9: Save 10% on the Piedmont Box

Day 9: Save 10% on the Piedmont Box

Day 2: Chilcote by Innes Cheese

Day 2: Chilcote by Innes Cheese

Day 6: Receive a Free Langres

Day 6: Receive a Free Langres


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1 december

Save 10% on Camembert aux Truffes. Use code CAMEMBERTAUXTRUFFES18 at checkout.

2 december

Chilcote is an unpasteurised goat’s milk cheese from made by Innes Cheese at Highfields Farms in Thorpe estate, Staffordshire. A group of our cheesemongers visited the farm and dairy this past spring - read more about their visit here.

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3 december

The Dottato fig variety, a medium to large size fruit with a delicious honeyed sweetness, is probably also the most excellent of cultivars & is well-suited to the hot, dry climate of Calabria. The method of transforming these figs is simple - just slow-cooking & preserving the figs in their own juices, before packing them into a ball & covering in aromatic vine leaves. This is a delicious accompaniment to both cheese & hams or simply enjoyed their own. Receive a free Fig Ball on orders over £100 and use code GETFIGGYWITHIT at checkout.


4 december

Beaufort Chalet d’Alpage - the raison d'être of La Fromagerie - this is the cheese that started it all. A classic high mountain cheese from small traditional producers selecting cheeses from the summer milk forms, made and matured at high altitudes in mountain chalets. The pate is a creamy, pale gold colour, smooth in texture, but as it ages cracks appear, ripening the cheese. The flavours are lovely – with an almost sweet almond nuttiness, the taste is never abrasive on the tongue, even with aged cheeses. Save 5% today when you order the Christmas Cheese Board, which include Beaufort Chalet d’Alpage as well as a few of our other classics. Use code WINTERCLASSICS18 at checkout.

Brie aux Truffe2.jpg

5 december

Brie aux Truffes – a La Fromagerie classic that Patricia started making over 20 years ago, after seeing it on a visit to Toulouse. What began as a special treat for Christmas has now, by popular demand, become a regular treat available at the weekends only. During December, in the lead up to Christmas, we make wheel after wheel, always ensuring that they are freshly made with a semi-ripe, unpasteurised, farmhouse Brie and a farmhouse Crème Fraiche that is rich, thick and made without added preservatives. And of course, the truffles. Beautiful black truffles from Italy – fresh and generously applied. Read more about the story of Brie aux Truffes.

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6 december

Langres is a drum-shaped cow’s milk cheese from the Champagne region of France. Washed in Marc du Champagne, the interior pate is rich, moist, and spicy, and should be almost melting below the pale orange rind. Today we’re giving a free Langres on every order over £50 when you use code LANGRES6DEC at check out.

7 december

Today we are giving £15 off the Large Dinner Party Board. Perfect if you are feeding a crowd, or if you are looking for cheese to last you several days - this board features 13 fantastic and distinct cheeses, with a range of flavours and textures to suit a diverse crowd.
To get the discount, used code LFPARTYTIME at checkout.

Italy Cow Parmigiano-Reggiano.JPG

8 december

Parmigiano Reggiano - the King of Cheese. So much goes into making a wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano. Read more about the story of this special cheese, and enjoy a recipe for Passatelli in Brodo.

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9 december

Save 10% today on The Piedmont Box - used code PIEDMONT18 at checkout!

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10 december

Our La Fromagerie Biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to cheese, and what a better way to celebrate than by offering free shipping on all online orders over £50. Use code FREESHIPPING10 at checkout by midnight on 10 December.