Join us this St George's Day as we host another evening of our ‘Terroir Tastings’ celebrating some of the new generation of cheesemakers leading the way around the British Isles.

Patricia will be hosting this event as she talks about what’s going on in the world of British cheesemaking. It is a very exciting & progressive time for the next generation of cheesemakers. Their productive methods are taking the lead from the classics as they adopt more European methods, experimenting with soft & washed rind styles, using raw milk.

Patricia will choose the very best from our ripening rooms, highlighting some of the new cheesemakers & their cheese making methods. Leading the way is Julie Cheney, after having developed Tunworth with Stacey Hedges, she left a few years ago to start up her own dairy & now makes St Jude – similar to St Marcellin – she has been working with Patricia & her affineurs to develop their ripening techniques to great success.

Paul Thomas of Thimble Cheese Makers, a graduate in biochemistry, has a fantastic understanding of moulds & the science of turning milk into cheese, he has been developing Little Anne over the last year, a very delicate cow’s milk cheese, but with a richness similar to a St Felicien.

Guests will also be tasting Johnny Crickmore’s Baron Bigod, a Brie made with milk from his Montbelliarde herd in Bungay in Suffolk. It’s giving Brie de Meaux a run for its money; this Brie has an underlying alpine richness due to the milk. The Montebelliarde cows are famous in the Savoie & their milk is used to make the Beaufort Chalet d’Alpage.

Newest to our cheeseroom is Burt's Blue from Altringham in Cheshire, a soft almost melting blue with the rind brushed with the Roqueforti mould.

To complement the cheese we will be showcasing English charcuterie made in Highbury & London beers & London breads baked in wood fired ovens alongside our Normandy cider & wines from Southwest France.

To finish, a decadent cheesecake made with English ricotta from Westcombe in Somerset served with seasonal berries.

This promises to be a true celebration of British producers and some eclectic pairings as we celebrate the terroir of the British Isles.